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A new series about a mysterious murder with a super squad



The first teaser of the series "Big Little Lies", which is shot by HBO, is presented online. It starred Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley. The events in the film revolve around a mysterious murder that was committed in a kindergarten at a parent meeting. Before the p...

Ingrid | 26.01.2023 04:29:11

Miracle mug: coffee does not cool down, beer does not heat up



German scientists have developed a thermal mug that maintains the ideal temperature of the liquid. Specialists from the Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics managed to create dishes in which hot drinks do not cool down, and cold ones do not heat up. The developers used a material with an easy transitio...

Ingrid | 25.01.2023 09:13:33

Scientists have established how metabolism changes with age



It turns out that the rate at which a person burns calories, with age, slows down not quite as it was customary to think initially! According to traditional belief, the peak of metabolism usually occurs in adolescence, and its slowdown begins after about thirty years. For a more detailed study o...

Ingrid | 23.01.2023 16:23:29

Kim Kardashian showed her photos from twenty years ago



And, as it turned out, despite the fact that Kim has been overly fond of plastic surgery for many years, her breasts have always been real! Apparently, her main goal, when she decided on plastics, was to acquire a thin waist and an hourglass-type figure, as well as to correct t...

Ingrid | 23.01.2023 02:38:43

Ten cities that tourists hate



Фото: Paola Giannoni/ Travel portal A Luxury Travel Blog decided to bring its "fly in the ointment" to such a wonderful pastime as tourism. A survey was conducted on the site, during which tourists were asked which cities left them with the most unpleasant memories. As a result, a list of 10 megacities appeared. Oddly enough, the r...

Ingrid | 22.01.2023 03:33:33

Want to lose weight? Make slim friends!



American scientists came to the conclusion that friends are the key not only to the spiritual harmony of a person, but also to the factor of his weight. The fact is that the company in which a person rotates directly affects his figure. Experts advise those who want to lose weigh...

Ingrid | 20.01.2023 18:41:04

An asteroid the size of one of the Egyptian pyramids will fly to Earth



On October 15, at 05:41 Moscow time, the asteroid 2021 SM3 will fly past our planet, the size of which is comparable to the size of the pyramid of Cheops in Giza, Egypt! Its speed will be sixteen kilometers per second, and it will approach the Earth at a distance of abo...

Ingrid | 20.01.2023 07:15:50