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Scientists have established how metabolism changes with age



It turns out that the rate at which a person burns calories, with age, slows down not quite as it was customary to think initially! According to traditional belief, the peak of metabolism usually occurs in adolescence, and its slowdown begins after about thirty years. For a more detailed study of this issue, scientists observed 6421 people from twenty-nine countries of the world, whose age ranged from eight days to ninety-five years - special isotopes were placed in the drinking water of these people, after which experts observed at what rate they would be excreted from the body. And in the end, it turned out that the peak of metabolism still falls on infancy - it turns out that one-year-old children burn calories about fifty percent faster than adults! Teenagers also burn a fairly large amount of energy, but still less than babies! Every twenty years of a person's life, his metabolism slows down by about three percent, but between the ages of twenty and fifty, he still continues to be relatively stable. But after sixty years, metabolism slows down by about 0.7 percent per year, and people who have crossed the ninety-year mark need an average of 26% fewer calories than middle-aged citizens, because they not only noticeably reduce muscle mass, but also significantly slow down the processes occurring in the cells!

Ingrid | 23.01.2023 16:23:29