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Ten cities that tourists hate



Фото: Paola Giannoni/ Travel portal A Luxury Travel Blog decided to bring its "fly in the ointment" to such a wonderful pastime as tourism. A survey was conducted on the site, during which tourists were asked which cities left them with the most unpleasant memories. As a result, a list of 10 megacities appeared. Oddly enough, the rating was headed by Paris - with dirty streets, long queues to the sights and rude waiters. The second place was taken by the city of Tijuana, which is located in the northwestern part of the country. He did not please tourists with crime, a high level of morbidity among local residents and too thorough inspection of narcotic substances at the border. In third place in the list of hated cities is Delhi. Here, tourists are deceived as soon as they can. Other crimes, including rape, are also high. In fourth place were Sydney and Melbourne. Residents of these cities are mutually dissatisfied with each other - because of the high cost of Sydney and the bad weather of Melbourne. The cradle of Hollywood - Los Angeles - is hated for the huge number of people, including tourists, traffic jams, noise and burning. The city of Belize has been accused of poor infrastructure, drug trafficking, crime and poverty. The capital of Peru - Lima - is called ugly and boring, dangerous and unfriendly (because of the burning and smoke). The city of Timbuktu (Mali) is annoying with an abundance of sand, heat and undeveloped infrastructure. Also in the top ten was the Egyptian Cairo - with high air pollution, traffic jams and a dangerous situation on the roads due to the fact that drivers do not follow the rules, and pedestrians cross the street right in the thick of cars. Closes the list is the Indonesian city of Jakarta, where poverty reigns and the environment is heavily polluted.

Ingrid | 22.01.2023 03:33:33