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Want to lose weight? Make slim friends!



American scientists came to the conclusion that friends are the key not only to the spiritual harmony of a person, but also to the factor of his weight. The fact is that the company in which a person rotates directly affects his figure. Experts advise those who want to lose weight to limit communication with fat people, because they can prevent them from this good intention. The results of a study organized in the United States showed the relationship between the weight of a person and his immediate environment. The fact is that friends adopt each other's habits, and not always the most useful. It is difficult for people to resist the temptation of delicious, but fatty and high-calorie foods that their friends consume. Therefore, if your friends are lovers of fast food, there is a high risk that you will become a hostage of this food system. And, on the contrary, if your girlfriends are always on a diet, they simply will not allow you to abuse cakes or buns in cafes. Together you will enjoy low-fat yogurt and lose weight. So choose your friends carefully! Your slimness and beauty depend on it!

Ingrid | 20.01.2023 18:41:04