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An asteroid the size of one of the Egyptian pyramids will fly to Earth



On October 15, at 05:41 Moscow time, the asteroid 2021 SM3 will fly past our planet, the size of which is comparable to the size of the pyramid of Cheops in Giza, Egypt! Its speed will be sixteen kilometers per second, and it will approach the Earth at a distance of about five million kilometers. By the way, this asteroid was discovered quite recently - in September of this year, and, despite the fact that its diameter may well reach one hundred and sixty-one meters, it is not potentially dangerous, so there is nothing to fear in this case! At the same time, asteroid 2021 SM3 will be the first of three asteroids approaching the Earth in October! After it, on October 20, asteroid 1996 VB3 with a diameter of up to two hundred and thirty meters will fly past our planet, and on October 25 – asteroid 2017 SJ20, the diameter of which reaches two hundred meters! © Главное photo:

Ingrid | 20.01.2023 07:15:50